2009-10-17 03:45:40 by Kamunt

I totally forgot that this site even existed. FML.

I guess I never really introduced myself to NG here. So, even though I'm tired and should be writing my essay for WRD 103, HAI THERE NG! :D My name is Kamunt Kurush. It's a pleasure to meet you all. One could say about me that I make noise! Thought Kamunt's meh name, MvM is what I go by in the music-making game. In the off-chance I feel like recording vocals, I'll usually say "MvM feat. Kamunt" or something like that--MvM is mechanical as the name inplies. (MvM is the truncated form of "Man vs. Machine". True story.) Thus Kamunt is a bit more human. :3 I used to almost exclusively work with loops in ACID Music Studio, something I'm rather ashamed of, so all the oooold old uploads you find on my page were almost exclusively loops and bleargh samples. The one exception is "Something Newtiful". That one only contained three loops, everything else was screwed or made myself. I'll be trying to upload more of my loop-free music now, since I now use FL Studio 8 far more than I do ACID, even though I got ACID Pro 6 for Christmas this year.

My music style previously used to jump around in every which way. I'd be making house one time, glitch techno the next and breakcore d'n'b yet another time. Because that's just the way that the loops I'd use would end up falling into place. Granted, I gained a bit of notoriety for my loop useage, due to how I could combine the most off-kilter of loops into something that sounded halfway-decent, but now I actually find myself mostly working with IDM (ironically standing for "intelligent dance music"). I still bounce around all the time, making anything from gabber techno to trip-hop to trance, but something about IDM seems to have stuck with me. I don't believe there's an IDM genre here, so I guess I'll just have to provide a good sampler of it for all you unsuspecting victims out there. :P

A little about myself...Well, I'm random as they come. If you're talking to me and marshmallows decide to start pouring out of my eyelids, then that's just my way of telling you I care. I try to be as friendly as possible and be nice to everybody. :3 'Cause I'm just a friendly guy, I guess! I like intelligent debates over sometimes controversial subjects--indeed, I'm an intellectual, as well. And at the ripe age of barely legal (18), I'm also humble. :F Though one thing I notice about myself is that I tend to over-think things. Quite the chink in my armor, but I make do. :) So that's that.

Lessee, I'm presently attending DePaul University in Chicago, U.S.A. I'm a freshman majoring in computer science, herp derp. I love video games, the internets, furry, Nintendo, music of all kinds, DDR, Magic: The basically I'm like everyone else. x3 Which means that I'm officially too tired to continue.

Enjoy the tl;dr, unlucky reader! :V I plan to lurk around these parts far more often in upcoming weeks.